The Artful Life presents…
At-home Kits for Expressive Arts Making!

Each kit contains hours of creative self-exploration and all the supplies you need to create an art project that is as unique and one-of-a-kind as you. In addition to the supplies and easy to follow visual instructions, each kit includes some helpful therapeutic ideas for using the project at home for when you or your child is feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

*Please Note - Our Kits are ONLY available for pick-up at our Salem location*


Creative Calming Kit
This box contains 3 small art projects that can help children (or those young at heart) soothe big emotions and develop social emotional strengths in fun and engaging ways!

Each creative calming kit is $20 plus tax

The A(rt)ffirmation Selfie Kit
This kit allows you to create a decoupage mirror and affirmation stone. Some days it can be hard to engage in positive Self Talk and it's on those days when the A(rt)ffirmation Selfie mirror comes in handy.

This kit is $22 plus tax


Happy Creating!!


No-Sew Comfort PillowKit
Create a small small no-sew sensory pillow designed to provide the snuggler with quiet moments for self-soothing and comfort when the day (or night) requires a sensory escape.Each pillow kit is $18 plus tax